Journey Art - The Art Studio of Tara Sood
About Journey Art:
Art is often a reflection of the places, feelings, and seasons of life.  The art I focus on is all that and more.  I want to bring to you the places and seasons of life that produce a memory, a feeling, a story.  Remember - art is a soul thing.  The name Journey Art came from the fact that my family and I live in a different place every 2-3 years.  Military life will do that!  My husband and I enjoy it and I figured that because my art often reflects where I am, I called my studio: Journey Art.  The season of life I am enjoying now is motherhood with three little boys and new beginnings with Art!  I am dedicated to present to you excellence in art as I grow.  All glory to God for this opportunity!  
A little about me:
Art for me started in elementary school with an amazing teacher Ms. Bally.  She taught us the basics of many art forms and from that foundation my love and ability for art grew.  Many teachers have helped to bring me to where I am and continue to keep me growing.  My undergraduate degree is in Nutrition and my first masters degree is in Agriculture.  Currently I am pursuing a Master of Fine Art in Painting from the Academy of Art University.  I passed my midpoint review in March and will be painting the Japanese Potter for my thesis over the next 2 years here in Okinawa, Japan.  I would love to hear  from you, e-mail me at or post a message on my blog (at the left).  
May my art bring glory to the one who fills my heart: Christ Jesus our God and Savior.  John 14:6
Current Location:
Okinawa, Japan
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