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Welcome to Tara Sood's Fiber and Book Studio 
Hello All!  

A big change is just being made!  I moved all my paintings and drawings over to my new Fine Art website:  

Now I'll be using this webpage for my fiber and handmade books.  I've always had my hands in many projects at one time.  As my paintings and drawings have become my professional work and need their own representation, the fiber and books I produce need to be shown in a separate place.  Here they are!  The yarn and knit goods I will produce will be linked to my shop on Etsy (for now).  The handmade books that I had the privilege to explore during an elective course at the Academy of Art University will be available through purchase through this website.  

Thank you all for your continued interest and support!  

Direct enquiries and comments to or through the Contact Journey Art page on this website.  
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