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Notes from Journey Art

This Week

This week looks to be a busy one in the painting world.  Last week I worked to finish up many of my pieces, that is a slow process.  But they are coming along!  This week I will again go out and do some Plein Air paintings.  Likely I'll be at a partk in the middle of Orange County painting on Tuesday and still to be announced for the Friday painting. 
A few things to challenge myself and other Plein Air painters from a painter recently highlighted in the Plein Air magazine (he is now studying in Russia):
- Paint 2 small Plein Air paintings a day.  Nothing else will improve your use of color
Then from another painter:
- Paint 100 paintings each in 1 hour. 
So, I will take this advice and run...well Paint!  With two little boys it may be a bit slower, but I will try!  =)
The picture is a beautiful sunset we saw yesterday - I sure would like to paint this!