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Notes from Journey Art

January 2012

An new page opened...

I've jumped into a new pond! 
Yep!  Or 'opened a new page'...I received a commission to do a painting of the pier for a lady to donate to an auction.  My first commission!  Yay!  This was last week and I wanted to do it 'en plein air'.  And of course the two days I could get outside - it RAINED!   I had taken a great photo of the pier the week before so used that photo to produce this painting.  The lady and her daughter liked the painting so I am satisfied. 

Upcoming Shows

Upcoming Exhibitions
Three upcoming shows will begin next week that will include some of my art. 
San Clemente Art Gallery will have their Winter Judged Show for view starting next week.  Two of my pieces will be there: 'Reminiscing' and 'An Impromptu Birdbath'. 
The Southern California Plein Air Painter's Association will begin their 'Best of the Best' show at the Newport Beach gallery (located next door to the Nautical Museum).  Two of my pieces were juried into that show:
A Southern California Christmas
and 'Time to Come In, Newport Bay'
these were both done 'En Plein Air' which means on location.  The first took about 4 hours spread over two days and the second took 2 hours in one day. 
The third exhibition is the California Art Clubs: 'Iconic California' show at the Altadena Town and Country Club.  The reception for the show will be January 29th from about 4 to 6pm.  I had one piece juried into this show, which was my next goal: to have a piece accepted into a CAC show.  =)  The piece is: Antiques and Fried Eggs. All of the pieces will be for sale through the duration of the shows!